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We take care of our clients and provide a unique accompaniment to unlock your potential, leverage your skills & discover your gifts through your talents. 


We help promote YOU as a Leader of your Life & Business in terms of mindset, communication, branding & social media strategies. 


We have coached a thousands of customers (individuals & corporate) since 2011. 


Jonathan, Coach

I met Ponnary, as part of a professional reconversion. She was able to guide me and accompany me during several sessions for a radical change in my professional life. I always work with her for this valuable advice and her caring and active listening. I highly recommend her, coaching talent means that it takes you far and higher than my expectations. 

Cecile, Executive 

Public transport 

When you start working on yourself, you sometimes need keys to move forward and not lose your landmarks or patience. Ponnary helped me to open doors that I had not seen (or not dared to open), including that of guilt that prevented me from freeing myself from the past and moving forward. Above all, it is a beneficial external support because, together, we take a step back, we verbalize, we make a statement. It's concrete. Personally, I saw our conversations as a place of trust and appeasement at the right time. A big thank-you. 

Patricia, Sales in a fashion company

Thank you Ponnary for your talent, it's a true vocation, you've made me see things in another way, then I've made the necessary change to a rebirth, you've accompanied me without letting go when I could not really count on you, and over the course of the sessions, I reconnected with my self, completely buried after a long relationship, and shortly after this challenge I put in practice your tools and I have found love again, thank you for the love you have in you and for giving so much to others.


Marketing Director Marionnaud

Ponnary touched me with the love and sincerity that emerges from her. At first contact, she puts us at ease. Her ability to capture situations immediately and lucidly allows her to quickly identify our blockages, for my part from the first session, who still reside in our unconscious. Her method is unique: a psychological, spiritual and human approach. I won 10 years of therapy! The result surprised me but it is not without counting on a deep work on oneself and facing our own truths.

Today, I feel liberated and am able to listen to my desires before those of others, my choices are made in coherence with myself. Many thanks to Ponnary for your precious help, I wish you a lot of