7 signs of a Great Humanist Leader

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A leader is a Strategist who knows what to think, to do and talk at the right place, the right time.
A leader trains his teams upwards including himself

Some discover this gift, while others let their potential sleeping.

What triggers this temper, part or our personality, is generally a strength coming from our education, circumstances, people. 

There are 3 life teachers of all human kind : heart-breaks, empty pockets, failures. But I will also add injustice. The hardest the suffering is the stronger you become.

Tell me what you can face, and I'll tell you what you're worth.

Life sometimes pushes us hard to get the sense of each struggle to meet our greatness. 

We were not born as a leader, we become one to show a way to bounce, a path to change mentalities, help others not doing the same mistakes because we went through these hardships.

The final result is built upon resilience. Resilience is the art to create bridges to go from survival to life. 

The guidance a leader will provide you is even more beautiful because it comes from his own experience, simple and efficient. 

The more we get older, the wiser we are : our thoughts, our actions, our reactions, our decisions as well as the results in consequences.

Here are the 7 signs of a great leader :

1. Authenticity

A great leader doesn't force people, he makes you want to follow his example

A genuine charisma & confidence emerge naturally. He is likable because he is not fake and believes in what he does.

The craziest he will be, the most incredible things he will be able to accomplish.

My models are Richard Branson and Steve Jobs.

2. Community builder

A great leader go straight to the point : he clarifies his vision & simplify with words.

His ability to attract people by his authentic personality makes him the most reliable person.

Helping others to get a better life is what motivates him the most. Altruism guides him.

3. No fears

The best way to deal with uncertainty is not to be afraid and opt for a solution instead of focusing on problems

In this time of universal deceit, tell the truth has become a revolutionary act.

A great leader is not afraid to speak the truth because he knows that life has its opposites and paradoxes. He does not build his life upon others. Whatever happens, he is an imperturbable bamboo. Nothing can destroy or even fold his authenticity & integrity.

4. Constant learner

It's not only about reading books, but also learning from people, all experiences that come along.

Positive habits will feed his mind & creativity.

5.Tough in business & human with people

Do not look at appearances. Though he is tough to manage his organization & business, he always listens and care about people,

6. Empathy vs Ego

If we go for a battle and it takes all of our energy, what is finally the use of it ?

It is not a matter of who is right or wrong. A great leader will act as a giver, not a taker. He will be driven by empathy.

7. A purpose larger than himself

A great leader has the ability to influence, inspire and empower others to become their best version of themselves. He know what to do to accomplish his vision.

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