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Mis à jour : 21 juin 2019

« Just being yourself, in a world that constantly seeks, day and night, to change you into someone else means that you will have to lead the most difficult battles that can be given to a to lead, and that we will never stop fighting » E.E Cummings

Everything in today's world seems to converge to devalue what belongs to the world of truth and sustainability, including in human relationships.

What does it mean to be authentic today?

There are no rules to be authentic, you just have to be yourself, not someone else. It is the perfect match between the inside and the outside.

We all end up asking ourselves, "Who am I really?"

The others need to see us as someone who is true to ourselves, who knows ourselves well and uses these qualities to convey the messages. They see us as unique.

In concrete terms, this requires the channeling of certain aspects of my person according to the context in which we find ourselves. What others see is only a part of ourselves.

There is nothing wrong about us, it's just that we show what we need based on a given situation.

Being authentic has much greater effects than simply improving one's level of communication. This is what creates a lasting impression and establishes a long-term relationship.

For this, we must be able to express our deep being while remaining very aware of the influence we have on those around us. For that, we must be doubly attentive : on the one hand, we must be attentive to what we do, and on the other hand, we must develop a great sensitivity to capture the effect we have on our audience.

We continuously self-analyze ourselves according to the actual situations encountered to become a better version of ourselves. Kindness and integrity drive us.

Conversely, when we meet people who are not authentic, we quickly feel that something is wrong. What we feel is generally a mask, a role, or that the person is not reliable.

Do you know how to recognize the lack of authenticity?

I'm sharing with you some signs to identify taken from my experiences that I have been able to read through others :

-You will be friends only with people who have something to offer or who may be useful for the future

-You are very sociable and know a lot of people, contact very easily, but you have few real friends and / or few strong relationships with others

-You tend to manipulate others to get what you want, without worrying about the effect it may have on them or on you.

-You let yourself be manipulated by others

-You pay attention to your behavior to get approval from others, without worrying about them

-You are not sincere to yourself.

-You feel isolated, disrespected and little involved in your relationships with others.

Like leadership, authenticity does not put itself in place.

To be authentic is not only a goal, it is the fruit of a whole process: to be true, that is, to be neither false nor artificial. This search for authenticity only makes sense if it really matters to us. It is important to ask the right questions: who am I? What really matters to me? What do I want?

"To know others is wisdom, to know oneself is superior wisdom." Lao Tzu

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